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Group of company "Maitek» is Ukrainian manufacturer of high-tech electronics, software and intelligent systems for residential and commercial objects. The group includes 2 private entrepreneurs and two companies "Maitek" (Kiev) and "Maitek plus" (Vinnitsa). Maitek is a family business that owns the family pair Storozhuk Vitaly and Storozhuk Oksana. The cumulative turnover of the group "Maitek" for 2015 year was 300 000 Eur, the number of staff is 27 upscale specialist, including 3 candidates of technical sciences.

For more than 15 years of work we have introduced more than 1000 projects (hotels, resorts, waterparks, shopping malls etc) in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Montenegro, Russia and other countries. Our intelligent systems offer high efficiency, easy installation and operation thanks to a number of technological innovations and know-how of the company.


The company is distributor of trademarks in Ukraine such as Custom (Italy), Mei (Switzerland), R-keeper (Russia).


-in 1998 FOP Storozhuk VU was registered. There were 4 employees in the enterprise . We started with the release of magnetic card readers for banks and special POS keyboards, industrial keyboards for thermal power plants. Products were produced under the trade mark KB99.

-in 2002 FOP Storozhuk OV was registered. The company employed 12 persons of staff Initiation of production of different kinds of controllers for turnstiles driving, children's game machines. Developed remote control high-resolution x-ray installations for USA airports. The assortment of products became increasingly up to 50 products.

-in 2003 company Maitek (Kiev Office) was registered and an Office in Russia Ltd "Tigral'd" was opened. Development of industrial keyboards for nuclear power plants. New controllers for control of billiard clubs appeared on the market . Received dealership rights in implementation of R-keeper (UCS) in Ukraine.

-in 2007 system of Hotel control (Ho-Co) designed and introduced to the market -intelligent system designed to optimize energy use in a hotel room. Started production of contactless cards readers (RFID). Started production of electromechanical locks with intelligent control. Started production of biometric sensors. The assortment of products became increasingly up to 100 products.


- in 2008 workshop was purchased from Vinnytsia optical-mechanical plant., area m2 1004.6. Engineering offices, a division of software development, service, installation, assembling and packaging production were created. Obtained the rights to distribute embedded printers from Custom (Italy) and cashdrawer from Mei (Switzerland). Mastered release of payment terminals for receiving money and smart systems SMART-safe.


- in 2010 Park of injection molding, welding equipment, machining equipment was purchased. Launched small-batch production and introduction of Hotel control (Ho-Co) at more than 150 objects. Developed software for corporate payment systems.


- in 2013 developed early control and alarm system of the accommodation on the basis of thermal sensors, which included elements of behavior analysis of tenants with disabilities and personnel management decisions. Functionality extended by access control system and electronic key generation. Developed intelligent video processing images (recognizing individuals for security on commercial objects). With regard to the political situation in Russia, the Office was closed.


- in 2014 manufactured a prototype system based on 4D Biosensor and tested at laboratory scale. Started production of Wi-Fi modules for wireless data communication with manufactured controllers. Developed system of Ofline payments based on RFID cards.


- in 2015 were improved and developed technical specifications for hotels and nursing homes Received dealership rights to R-keeper in Montenegro.


- in 2016 designed portable reader for Ofline and Online payments with Wi-Fi interface. Completed the development of basic software to recognize signals of 4D Biosensor. Reconstruction of the industrial complex is making with increasing area of up to 1500 m2.


The range of products of own manufacture includes more than 200 items and modifications, including:


1. Hotels management system control (Ho-Co)


2. Management system of children's entertainment centers


3. Equipment and software for automation of waterparks


4. Equipment for financial foundation


5. Equipment for automation in industry



Relevant project


The company has experience in implementing of complex projects creating of systems for automation projects in EU, including water park in Budva, Montenegro (www.aquaparkbudva.me)-the system of automation of business processes of an object with a daily traffic flow of up to 6000 people (annex No. 4-by Waterpark in Budva).

It was made automation of entrance group, financial activities, the security system for people and energy saving system.

The main effect, which received investor, this is reduction in personnel, thank's to security system.

In 2007 system of Hotel control (Ho-Co) designed and introduced to the market. it is intelligent system designed to optimize energy use in a hotel room. Ho-Co is organized as a network switch control devices. Electricity is switched on in the room only when RFID card is inserted in the pocket reader. The system sensors allow you to monitor the status of the front door of the room, hotel, determine if there is a person in the room.  From 2012 there was the implementation of the system at 150 objects.


Developed and introduced to the market the management system of children's entertainment centers. It is implemented at more than 50 objects in Ukraine and Russia, including Poland.


Developed intelligent video processing images (recognizing individuals for security on commercial objects). Realized projects Aquamarine Spa (Sevastopol), Bukovel ski resort


Relevant publications


1. AQUApark Magazine # 3 (20) 2010 Article "Profit saving" technology from "MAITEK»-http://www.maitek.ru/articles/maitek_tech.pdf

2.                  How to control the personnel of hotels and save on resources?


3.                  Important "trifles" Aqua Park business


4. Magazine "Restaurants and hospitality" No. 3 of 2010-Article "Club status»

5. Magazine "Restaurants and hospitality" No. 2 from 2010-Article "how to monitor staff hotels and save on resources"


Existing infrastructure


The company has its own manufacturing complex in the city of Vinnitsa 1004.6 m2 m2 total area. The complex includes engineering office, a division of software development, service, installation, assembling and packaging production The company has its own fleet of injection molding, welding equipment, machining equipment.



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